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Q: I've been with my company for about 10 years; it's my second job out of college. I've been interviewing for other positions and am often asked about my current salary. I have done my homework and know that I am underpaid by about $15,000 for the position I am in. In fact, people hired in a level below me often get hired at the same salary I make. I know that companies I interview with will make offers based on the salary I make now, but even at a 15% higher salary, I'd not be making up the difference. How can I be honest about my current salary but also command the salary I deserve at a new company?


A: You've definitely got the right idea to be honest about your current salary. Potential employers can always find out what you earn and it would be the end of an opportunity if a company found out at a later date that you lied about your salary. "It reflects your ethics," says Sheryl Spanier, an executive career management consultant in New York.


To get what you think you deserve, you'll definitely want to know why you have been underpaid. Is it because you have had marginal performance, is the company or industry struggling or is the company bad at managing salaries? Perhaps you stayed on because of challenging assignments even though raises were paltry and you see now that the best way to make more money is to jump to another firm. Once you get a handle on why you've be underpaid, you'll be better able to explain it honestly in an interview.


Recruiters and human resources personnel ask this question because they want to know where you fit into their compensation structure -- not necessarily to figure out how little they can pay you. But, there are ways to get around giving a specific number at the beginning of the interview or even shifting the focus of the question when asked about your current salary. The first thing to keep in mind is that companies are most interested in your experience. They want to know that the person they're offering a position to can handle the everyday challenges on the job. "Be very clear about how your experience and talent fits directly with the new position," says Andrea Eisenberg, a senior human resources consultant in New York.


Then, when the conversation gets around to a hiring manager's question about what you're making, Paul Gavejin, managing director of Total Compensation Solutions, a compensation consulting firm in Armonk, N.Y. suggests asking a few questions in return. You might say: “I’d be happy to tell you, but first, I'd really like to know what you think this job is worth?" or "What is the salary range for this job?" You could also reply with by shifting the subject and saying, "I'm looking at jobs in this salary range." It might also help to adjust your thinking when you respond. Think in terms of total compensation, and not just salary alone. To that end, you might respond, "My salary is X, my annual bonus is Y and the employer contribution to my 401(k) is Z. All totaled, my current compensation package is worth $(X+Y+Z)."

保罗•盖文金是来自纽约州阿蒙克市的一家薪金咨询公司“全薪建议”的常务董事。他建议,当招聘经理问你赚多少时,你可以反问他一些问题。你可以说:“我很乐意告诉你,但是首先我想知道你认为这个职位值多少?”或者“这个职位的工资大概处于什么范围?”你还可以这样转移话题:“我想要找的工作,薪水大概处于这个范围。”这也可以帮助你在回答过程中调整思路。在考虑收入时要计算全部所得,而不仅仅是工资。最后,你可以说:“我的收入是X,我的年终分红是Y,雇主会替我交纳的退休金补贴是Z。 所以,我的当前收入是(前3者合计数)。”

Another tactic might be to tell the interviewer that you appreciate that they have asked you about your compensation but that you won't be making your decision about the job based solely on that criteria alone, says Ms. Spanier. "Tell them you're looking for an opportunity for growth, career development, and the ability to make a contribution," she says. You could also say that the job you did for ten years is a very different position than the one for which you are applying, even though the skills are similar.

斯巴涅尔女士称,另一个策略就是告诉面试人员你尊重对方对你的收入的提问,但是你不会只根据这个标准来做出决定。她说:“告诉他们你正在寻找上升空间、谋求职业发展、以及寻找提高自身能力并为公司做出贡献的机会。” 你还可以说,虽然工作技能类似,你已经做了10年的那份工作和现在应聘的很不一样。

Clearly, you only want to deflect the question up to a point, otherwise you'll start to annoy the hiring manager. The idea is to try to get as much information as you need about the position and salary range before you disclose your previous salary. "The goal is not to get screened out before you can fully explore your candidacy," says Ms. Spanier.

显然,你只想部分回避这个问题。如果绝口不提,你就会惹招聘经理生气了。 要尽可能地在透露目前薪资水平之前,获得关于面试职位以及工资范围的更多信息。 斯巴涅尔女士说:“宗旨是在确定自己会成为职位候选人之前,不要出局。”

If the interviewer insists on knowing what you're currently earning at the start of the interview, it's best to have a few already-thought out answers in your mind that can explain your low pay. "You'll want to do a little explaining about how you've been at the organization a long time and while you're not looking to leave based solely on salary, you would expect to be paid fair market value when you make a move," says Ray Skiba, director of human resources for Streck Inc. a medical-device company in Omaha, Neb.


Perhaps your company traditionally gives out very low annual increases or froze raises altogether for the last few years -- mention that or say that while the company provided many on the job challenges, it didn't offer much in the way of compensation. "It is pretty common that people who have been with companies a while don't often keep up with the typical salary ranges" adds Mr. Skiba. You might want to share a recent performance appraisal to make clear that your salary issues aren't a matter of performance.

也许你原来的公司一直以来年度加薪都很低,或是这几年根本没加薪。你可以说出这一点,并且表示虽然工作很有挑战性,可是公司待遇方面却没有什么竞争力。斯科巴先生还说:“很多人在公司工作一定时间后,都不能获得应得的薪金,这是很常见的。” 你也许可以通过一份最近的业绩评估报告来表明你的工资水平与你的工作表现无关。

Mr. Skiba says whatever you do, don't be too pushy. "Show your value on the job and you'll be taken care of," he says. If you get the feeling that's not the case before you take a new job, "you won't want to work there anyway," Mr. Skiba adds.

斯科巴先生还认为,不论你如何应对,态度不要太强硬。他说:“表现出你在工作中的价值,雇主就会考虑你。” 接受工作之前,如果你发现情况和你预计的差别太大,“那你也不会想去那里工作。”

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